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Whenever I come to Big Smile Dental, the staff makes me feel more comfortable than ever before. Just about every one is afraid of coming to the dental. But the staff at Big Smile, takes their time during your visit. There are no rush jobs and the patient's safety is always put first. I would recommend Big Smile Dental to any one who is looking for a safe, clean and friendly dental office.
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Orthodontics (Braces and Invisalign)

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I've been going to Big Smile Dental for three years and all the staff at the establishment is great and friendly. I am still not a big fan of seeing my hygienist due to my sensitivity but she does an amazing job. Highly recommended to people that are looking for new dentist.

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Does the word “braces” conjure up images of ugly, uncomfortable “metal mouth” or “brace face”? If so, it’s time to rethink modern orthodontics. Big Smile Dental is pleased to introduce you to new ways to obtain one of the highest impact and longest lasting improvements you can make to your smile and overall appearance: teeth straightening and bite correction with orthodontics.

There are both new methods to straighten as well as new approaches to conventional braces. Taken together, these new options are generally more attractive, convenient, versatile, and less time-consuming than traditional metal braces.

Since 1999, more than 3 million patients have been getting straighter teeth without anyone else knowing besides their respective dentists, thanks to Invisalign. Dr. Siegel is certified to provide this alternative to conventional straightening appliances. You can rest assured your Invisalign certified provider has the training and experience to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for from this orthodontic treatment.

As an alternative to your parents’ or grandparents’ braces, Invisalign is:
  • Removable — The aligner trays may be taken out for cleaning and eating, as long as you wear them for the recommended daily time as prescribed by Dr. Siegel.
  • Clear — The aligner trays are nearly invisible, so you don’t have to be self-conscious about your braces.
  • Comfortable — The trays are also made from a soft, smooth plastic. No hard metal brackets and wires to contend with, rubbing against your gums!
Invisalign has evolved to correct a wider range of conditions. Today’s aligners can correct more modest spacing issues and crookedness, as well as more serious bite-related problems such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite.

Chicago Orthodontics for Children - Laughing Plus, patients get to visualize how their teeth will look through every step of the treatment process. Using X-rays, impressions, and other information about your mouth, the Big Smile Dental team will use special software to create a 3-dimensional image of your teeth. This image will allow our dentists to show you how your teeth will move throughout treatment, as well as the finished product!

This digital representation will also guide the aligners. You will wear a new set of aligners about every 2 weeks. These aligners correspond with different stages in the treatment plan, and incrementally shift the teeth into proper position.

Since every patient’s mouth is different and needs and goals vary, fixed braces may be a more suitable alternative to these clear and removable aligners. However, modern fixed braces are not the same as the braces of yesteryear. If you’re concerned about how the braces will look, there is always the option of tooth-colored brackets and wires that blend in with the rest of the teeth. New approaches to the design of braces also reduce friction and pressure, so you have a more comfortable experience as these appliances gently move your teeth.

The Big Smile Dental team may determine you don’t need Orthodontics (Braces and Invisalign) at all. Porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and dental crowns may be all you need to close gaps and to slightly reposition. Call 773-772-8400 to schedule the appointment that will ultimately lead to the treatment that gives you reason to smile.