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Braces in Chicago IL : Have fun with your Braces

Smiling Woman Strange but true - braces need not be the terrible punishment you think they are. There are ways and means to beat your braces and get the best of them. Just consider the possibilities. First and foremost, you must realize that you have a war on your hands - it's called 'get your braces on the run!'

So the initial move is to beat your braces at mind level - be determined to put on a great attitude towards them. If you consider them interesting and a challenge - chances are you can have some fun with them.

If you dress them up and present them as something exciting - you could end up having your friends fight with their parents asking for braces of their own, to be in fashion. Remember, today there are braces out there that can be ordered in trendy colors with specially designed wires and bands in rainbow hues - so if you are bold and daring, you could be the trend-setter in your class.

Orthodontists have been heard to remark that while in the old days it was a struggle to get teenagers to wear braces - the current fads in the fantastic world of teen fashion has decreed that braces are a hip statement that are to be proudly displayed.

Granted, in the first few weeks you might be seriously challenged and perhaps even reach the point of despair. When you have to navigate those toothsome delights past those 'sharky' braces - it can certainly be a matter for deep depression. When you have to take off an appendage every night and pet and polish it like a baby, it's most irksome. Even when you want to throw back your head and have a hearty laugh - you have to direct and produce the show with concentration worthy of a theatre performance.

Now I know there will be many who will ardently advise you to avoid this, that and the other. They will hand you a long list telling you all that you may and may not eat, drink, suck or chew. You will be sternly admonished to grow flabby and crabby staying off the playing field and to remain ravenous and wild-eyed at parties where you must stare the candy down and turn your nose up at the popcorn.

Relax! With your great attitude and a little innovation, there are ways to get past all this - you are sure to be able to think up some!

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