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How long will it take to complete the braces treatment?

Dentist and a Patient Treatment with traditional braces may take slightly longer as compared to Invisalign aligners. But it is difficult to determine the precise duration time because each case is unique. There will be slight variation of duration in each case depending on the individual patient’s status of teeth.

Broadly speaking, the treatment time with traditional braces may range between one and a half to two and a half years. But if the patient has serious skeletal defects, the treatment may continue beyond the average time span.

There are essentially two types of problems that can cause misaligned or mal-positioned teeth. One of the problems is related to the teeth themselves, when the teeth are unevenly positioned, crowded, over-lapping, or there are gaps or spaces between teeth. This problem requires the correction of the position of teeth, which is done by focusing the pressure of braces on the teeth only. In this case, the bone is not really modified, but the position of the teeth is altered.

This condition can be corrected in a relatively shorter time, and even adults are good candidates for improving this condition.

The second type of problem is the skeletal problem that relates to the bones holding the teeth. Modifying the bone’s position with braces takes a longer time, and it is more successful in case of adolescents when the bone is still in a developmental stage. Adults may not benefit much with traditional braces to improve a skeletal condition. Surgery is a more effective option in such cases.

Therefore, the length of treatment with traditional braces depends on various factors. But it is entirely a worthwhile effort, particularly for youngsters who have a whole life ahead of them. There is no reason for them to continue to live with misaligned teeth when the problem can be permanently resolved in a safe way.

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