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Its OK to smile- Even with Braces

Young Woman with Braces The new in thing is now in vogue. ‘Teen Vogue’ - to be more precise. Well, there’s no reason the adults shouldn’t follow suit. You see, the most amazingly savvy teenage world has concisely summed up the situation and realized that braces equals status. After all, they do cost a tidy sum and if they can wear them, that says a lot and their braces speak for them!

Additionally those young bright things have naturally discovered ways to jazz up, dress up and color code these ugly contraptions that were once the bane of teenage years. That does make sense, though. If you’ve got to have them, why not make the best of them and even better – enjoy them?

So while once brace-wearers strove to keep their mouths well buttoned up when they were bursting to give in to a loud guffaw – this is not the dismal scenario that faces them today. They can smile! They can in fact, even laugh loud and the longer the better to display those expensive wires adorned with rainbow hued bands, colored brackets, and brilliantly festooned with elastic O-rings.

To be fair, status is neither the only consideration nor the most important one for teenagers –– although that may have some minor bearing on this trend. In reality, teenagers are extremely sensible and realize that a price to pay in early years is worth what they will achieve. What every teenager really wants is to look good, be accepted and have confidence in their appearance.

The new-fangled accessories assuredly alleviate the bitterness that attacks the soul at their youthful predicament and gives them the opportunity to spice up their situation and enjoy themselves in the expectation of better looks to come.

It must also be mentioned that modern orthodontics also offers clear braces, transparent braces and Invisalign braces that are also no longer as prominently noticeable as the common wires type – if you are not in the teenage category and would prefer a more staid option.

The teenager of the twenty first century is a fantastically brave breed of individuals who are an example to us all and must be admired and emulated. Whatever your age or stage, take a leaf out their books and take off that gloomy face. Smile! Its ok – braces are not the bogeyman anymore. They are a sensible and practical way to align your teeth and look good.

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