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When will you begin to see changes in your teeth after the braces are put on?

Woman with Big Smile You can usually expect changes in your teeth about a few months after braces are put on. However, the amount of time you will need to wear braces has very much to do with how much dental correction you need. Normally braces are worn from anywhere between one and two years, although some may have to wear it even longer than that.

Correction time is also dependant on what your dentist is trying to accomplish for you, how old you are, and how dense your jaw bones are. Since treatment time varies from person to person, it is best to ask your dentist. If you are worried that it may take long, there is some good news!

You can actually affect the amount of time you will need to have the braces in your mouth. The importance of good dental hygiene cannot be stressed enough as it plays a key role in correcting your bite. Also make sure to follow all instructions given to you by your dentist, who may also advise you on the types of food and drinks that should and should not be consumed. Following these instructions with care is likely to reduce the amount of time you have the braces in your mouth.

Another factor that influences the amount of time you need to wear your braces also depends on how old you are. Generally, the earlier you start wearing them, the faster it will go. However, keep in mind that dentists usually do not recommend braces for anyone until the ages of ten or twelve. But there may be some rare occasions where treatment can begin at seven years of age.

The type of braces that you wear can also affect the correction time. This is yet another reason why you must only visit qualified dentists, such as Dr Ted Siegel, who can discuss various treatments with you and advice on the best option.

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