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Putting the fear of getting Braces to rest- FAQs

Teeth with Braces Orthodontic braces can be a matter for trepidation and concern if you have been asked to be wear them. You recall all those people who have them and find the idea quite unattractive. Who wants to fill their mouth with a bunch of ugly and uncomfortable wire anyway? Besides the great fear factor is not only whether you are going to end up ugly and uncomfortable, but will you be able to lead a normal life?

Here we attempt to address some basic questions that you may find raging within you at the sentence you have received from your dentist:

Question: Will my braces cause me a lot of discomfort and pain?

Answer:There will be a certain amount of discomfort mainly to get accustomed to having an extra appendage inside your mouth. However this will soon wear off and you will be able to get on with your normal life with no discomfort. If you find you are in pain, consult your orthodontist immediately and he will adjust it.

Question: How long will I have to wear my braces for?

Answer: This depends on the degree of change that has to be effected in the position of your teeth and whether your jaw line also needs to be extended. However you will have to allow the braces a minimum of twelve months to have effect, but it could be longer.

Question:Can I eat and drink normally with my braces on?

Answer:It is best you avoid food that require a hard bite, cracking or crunching - such as nuts, candy and corn-on-the-cob and crushed ice, as well a gooey stuff like toffee and bubble gum.

Question:Can I play sports?

Answer: You most certainly can. Just make sure you get yourself an effective mouth guard - preferably a custom built one that will fit your mouth and braces perfectly.

Question: Will I be acceptable to my peers with my new less-than-attractive look

Answer:Those friends that count in your life - will love you anyway, because they know you must do what is best for yourself. Besides you can be daring and dress you braces up to set a new fashion - consult with your orthodontist about that!

So all in all - there is nothing to fear. Rather you can expect to become the star of your own little 'ugly duckling' story and emerge a swan in a relatively short time!

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