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The importance of early treatment and ways to make dental implants more affordable

Replace the Teeth In some ways, you can’t put a price on the ability to smile, eat, and speak freely without feeling self-conscious about how you chew, pronounce words or how you look. When teeth are missing, you may feel embarrassed about how those spaces appear to others.

Functionally, you may struggle to chew food properly. Nutrition can suffer. You may not find enjoyment in eating foods you once loved. These complications of tooth loss don’t go away on their own. In fact, the longer you go without teeth the worse conditions such as bone loss become.

Treatment now, rather than later

When the underlying bone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs from eating or other day-to-day functions, this support structure wears down. Think of how your muscles appear smaller when you are injured or during a period of sickness. Just as muscles may atrophy from lack of use, the bone can do the same.

This bone loss is responsible for a cascade of unwanted side effects, which may include a change in the shape and appearance of your face. If you think your face looks more sunken and drawn, there may be more than the march of time to blame. You simply don’t have the strong bone to support the tissues of your face. This can make you look older than your years.

Making treatment affordable

Big Smile Dental can restore your youthful appearance and get you back to enjoying foods you once loved again with dental implants. A portion of the procedure may be covered by insurance. Our office also offers a number of other ways to reduce the cost burden for the balance of the bill or for those patients who do not have insurance.

These options include a financing program to help spread the cost of payments over 12 months and at no interest to credit-worthy borrowers. You may have also noticed a number of discounts and specials on Big Smile Dental procedures. Our office always offers a discount for pre-payment and to our more senior patients.

Big Smile Dental wants you to get the care you need and, with missing teeth, complications can be quite severe and result in the need for much more costly treatment down the road. Call your affordable dentist in Chicago at 773-772-8400 so the Big Smile Dental staff can discuss options for treatment and payment with you. Costs should never be a deterrent to your getting the care you need and deserve.

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