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The cosmetic benefits of dental implants in Chicago

People say a replacement is never as good as the original. That one new tile on the kitchen counter doesn’t quite match the rest. You can never quite hide the seam where you mended the drapes. The hedge never has quite filled in after that weed-whacker accident last year. And usually, that’s okay; the replacement is good enough. But sometimes “good enough” just isn’t, well, good enough – especially when it comes to your smile. That is one of the many reasons implants are the number one choice of patients and dentists alike.

How losing teeth affects your appearance

This one probably seems obvious. You have a gaping hole in your smile – what more need be said? You might be surprised to learn that the visible gap is just the beginning of your trouble, both cosmetically and in the interest of your oral health.
  • Teeth have their own support network; they help prop each other up. When one is missing, the others start to lean. Then you have a missing tooth, and crooked teeth.
  • Wide gaps and crowded areas, which are created by crooked teeth, tend to trap plaque, bacteria, and food particles. This can in turn lead to decay, which is both unhealthy and unattractive.
  • If you’re missing a tooth, you probably have to chew on the other side of your mouth. This can cause uneven jaw strain, as well as uneven tooth wear.
  • Don’t think the potential damage stops with your teeth. Do you know what happens to the jawbone when a tooth is missing? It begins melting away! The more teeth you are missing, the more bone you can lose. Over time, it can alter the visible contours of your jawline, and even the length of your face.

How implants preserve you appearance

What difference can dental implants make?
  • They look exactly like real teeth.
  • They prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.
  • They restore your smile, and your ability to eat and speak naturally.
  • They protect your jawbone. This is probably the most unique benefit of dental implants. Dentures or bridges will replace the visible part, but not the root. Therefore, they don’t stop your jawbone from deterioration. Only dental implants replace the roots of teeth.

What are Dental Implant

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