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Dental Implants - today's permanent solution for Tooth Loss

Elderly Couple Teeth are among the most visible and prominent parts of our physical appearance. At the same time, teeth are critical to our oral health and functionality. For a person who has suffered tooth loss, the permanent dental implant technology is nothing short of a miracle. Dental Implants can have a life-changing impact on a person who has been living with the persistent consciousness and discomfort of one or more missing teeth.

Physical appearance is so important to most of us that it becomes almost impossible to remove the thought of a missing tooth from our psyche. This is where dental implant technology is coming to the rescue of millions of patients around the world who may suffer tooth loss due to any factors. This technology allows for an artificial tooth replacement that comes very close to the natural tooth, both in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality.

Whether it is a teenager, or an adult in any age group, a missing tooth can cause a dent to anyone’s self-confidence. However hard we may try to ignore the reality, overcoming this loss at a psychological level is easier said than done. But dental implants have turned this painful reality into a thing of the past.

In comparison to the traditional bridgework that relies on adjacent teeth for support, the best part about a dental implant is that it is a highly tooth-conserving procedure. Therefore, it is ideal for people who have generally good oral health, but may have lost one or more teeth due to severe decay or an accident, or some other cause. The dental implant will conserve the neighboring healthy teeth, and also conserve the maximum possible part of the tooth structure that needs an implant.

The success rate of dental implants is very high, provided a good dental team is taking care of the procedure, and there is positive cooperation from the patient’s side, as well. A successful dental implant will give you permanent good riddance from the irritating clicks and wobbles of removable dentures. It will be your permanent farewell to any worries about misplacing your dentures, and struggling with messy paste and glue.

Dr. Theodore Siegel and his ace dental team at the “Big Smile Dental” clinic in Chicago, are totally committed to the goal of achieving 100 per cent success rate for their patients. There is an exceptional level of passion that governs Dr. Siegel’s approach to deliver top quality treatment and ensure utmost satisfaction for every single patient that comes to “Big Smile Dental” office.

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