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The safety of dental implants in Chicago

Dental implants sound like a great solution. If you lose a tooth, just put a replacement right in the jawbone, where the original was. It only takes one or two oral surgeries… Wait, what – surgery? Suddenly you aren’t so sure about this, and you want some answers. Well, you came to the right place. Here’s a hint: Implants really are a great as you thought.

The implant procedure: What to expect

There are different types of implants, and every patient is different, so the exact steps may vary a bit.
  • Consultation – Naturally, we start with an examination. We’ll tell you if you are a candidate for implants, which you probably are. We will explain the procedure, and you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have. If you choose implants, we will customize a treatment plan.

  • Primary procedures – If extractions are needed, that will be the first step. Additionally, oral health conditions such as gum disease should be addressed. If the tooth or teeth are already gone, we can probably start right in with the implants. However, occasionally a procedure to build up the jawbone is needed.

  • Implant placement – This is where you probably think it’s going to get scary. Yes, it’s called a surgery. No, it’s not scary. Some implants don’t even require an incision; they are simply inserted, much like a piercing. For the larger sizes, a tiny incision is needed. In either case, the area is numbed completely, so you are comfortable.

  • Healing – If you’re expecting a lot of downtime, pain, or complicated post-procedure instructions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Most people compare it to healing after an extraction. However, there is a much slower (and painless) healing process occurring. The bone gradually adapts to the implant, and new bone cells actually attach themselves to it. After a few weeks to a few months, the implant is literally as solid as bone.
We will be happy to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. Patient education is one of our primary goals, and we believe that an informed decision is a regret-free decision. Call Big Smile Dental at and arrange a consultation today.

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