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Got Teeth? If not, get Dental Implants

Smiling Elderly Person One of the amazing wonders of modern dentistry is a dental implant. There was a time when people would be horrified at the prospect of losing a tooth due to decay or any kind of injury to the teeth. But it does not have to be so anymore. A dental implant is as close as it gets to replacing a creation of nature with a man-made one.

Dental Implants can literally be as permanent and as efficient as your natural teeth. Gone are the days when if you lost a tooth, you would have to cut down your natural smiling and laughter, fearing exposure of your missing tooth. A person with wide gaps between teeth or broken or missing teeth would usually become quite self-conscious about his or her appearance, and as a result would not be able to conduct his or her life with natural confidence.

But dental implants have changed all of that. If the implant is done correctly, practically no one will be able to find out about it from outside, unless the person receiving the implant tells others. In fact, the patient is likely to forget with time about his own implant, and be his own natural self completely.

It is not just about the looks and self-esteem alone. At a basic functional level too, a dental implant works as good as a natural tooth. Ideally, eating or chewing of very hard substances must be avoided. This applies as much to the other natural teeth, as also to an implanted tooth. Other than that, there is practically no special care or caution that you may require for the implanted tooth.

You can brush and floss your teeth after the implant as normally as before. The implant is fixed permanently, which means, there is no nagging botheration to take out the implant, or re-fix it, or clean it in some special way.

The first role in the perfect success of a dental implant must be played by the Periodontist who is performing the procedure. The skill, experience and personal attention of the doctor and his team make all the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary job. Taking accurate teeth impressions, and fabricating the accurate tooth in the laboratory, using the best quality materials is also as important to the success of an implant.

Dr. Theodore Siegel and his diligent team at the “Big Smile Dental” office in Chicago excel in their pursuit to achieve perfection for their patients for dental implants. Every single patient is treated with total individual attention, and true to its name, the “Big Smile Dental” gets satisfied with nothing less than a beautiful, lasting smile for every dental implant patient.

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