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Chicago IL Dental Implants: What does treatment involve?

Dental implants with porcelain restorations are the treatment of choice for replacing one, several, or all teeth. They do not endanger existing healthy teeth. They feel natural and function just like real teeth. When designed by skilled cosmetic dentists, such as the award winning team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago Illinois, they look absolutely gorgeous.

What's not to love about dental implants? In reality, not much. Yet, two words stop many people from pursuing this treatment: Oral surgery. It sounds scary. The word surgery brings to mind images of a cold hospital operating room, with doctors frantically working over unconscious people. That may be the reality for emergency heart surgery, but oral surgeries are much different. To put the word "surgery" into perspective, consider this: Even a tooth extraction is classified as an oral surgery.

Dental implants are nothing to fear. So, what should you expect from the procedure?
  • First, the area is numbed. Local anesthetic is sufficient for this minor procedure, to keep you completely comfortable.

  • For full sized implants, a tiny incision is made in the gums. Some styles of the implants do not even require an incision, because they are small enough to simply pierce the gum tissue, similar to body piercing.

  • The implant is carefully placed. This step is fast and efficient, due to precision diagnostics and treatment planning.

  • After the anesthetic wears off, the area may be a little sore, but the soreness typically fades within days. Most patients compare the healing of a dental implant to that of the standard tooth extraction.
Although your gums will heal very quickly after implant placement, it will take a few months for the bone to accept the implants and grow new cells around them. Once this happens, the final restoration, a crown, bridge, or denture, is added and your new smile is good to go!

Let us give you a reason to smile, and some teeth to smile with! Call and schedule a consultation at Big Smile Dental at and today!

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