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Happy Couple What happens when you lose a tooth? When you are a child, the tooth fairy will visit – and soon a new tooth will “magically” grow. What if you don’t meet the age requirements for tooth fairy service; where does she refer grownups? She sends them to Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL for dental implants, of course!

We are born with a full set of adult teeth buds. During childhood they grow and develop into mature teeth, but this only happens once. When you lose a tooth, there is no “replanting.” However, there is an even better option – implanting. These teeth don’t grow; they are created in a high tech dental lab. This means they are perfectly shaped and colored, often more beautiful that the teeth they replace.

An implant can be used to replace a single tooth with no impact on your other teeth, because it is attached to the jawbone. If more than one tooth is missing, several implants can be placed.

Technically, the implant doesn’t replace the tooth, it replaces the root. This is a small piece of titanium, placed in your jawbone, where the natural root should be. Titanium is used because it is safe, and completely accepted by the body. The bone will bond to the implant, and grow around it. This gives your new tooth a rock-solid foundation, and keeps your jawbone healthy. Without tooth roots or implants, your jawbone will begin deteriorating.

After the implant is placed, and has bonded with the bone, it’s time for the new tooth. The visible part, called a crown, is just as stable a real tooth. You will be able to eat your favorite foods again, without pain or embarrassment. They don’t have to be glued down with messy denture adhesive, or removed for cleaning. Dental implants don’t require any special time or attention. With good oral hygiene practices, and regular dental visits, your new tooth can last a lifetime.

For a permanent, beautiful, solution to missing teeth, visit Big Smile Dental in Chicago IL today, and ask if dental implants are right for you.

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