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The buried treasure beneath your teeth: The hidden truth about implants in Chicago, IL

When you look at a smile, what are you seeing? The obvious answer would be teeth, but that is only a partial truth. By that, we mean you are only seeing part of the teeth. They don't stop at the gums; they have roots that extend all the way to your jawbone. Dental implants are designed to replace the roots, the parts of teeth that you don't see.

The root of the matter

You are probably more concerned with the other part of your tooth, the part that makes your smile look great and helps you chew your food. That is important too, but don't underestimate the importance of roots. They keep your teeth strong and stable, because they are secured in the bone. This also benefits the bone itself, because it will not renew cells properly without the stimulation of roots.

Alternatives to implants

The benefits of dental implants could be summed up very simply. They are the only method of replacing the root. Alternative solutions replace only the portion above the gum line, using a variety of ways to secure it. Although traditional restorations work well when properly designed, they come with various problems.
  • Full dentures tend to slip and slide around because they are not anchored to anything. New, well-made upper dentures usually stay in place with suction alone. Poorly fitting dentures, or lower plates, often require adhesive to keep them in place.

  • Bridges are fixed (not removable) so stability isn't an issue. However, they are supported by healthy teeth, specifically the two on either side of the gap. This presents a few problems, beginning with the fact that those teeth have to be cut down and shaped to accommodate dental crowns. Additionally, many people find it difficult to clean thoroughly between the false tooth and the gum.

  • Partial dentures, sometimes called removable bridges, are attached to healthy teeth, but not permanently. Depending on the style, they snap over the other teeth, or attach with clasps.
Like a buried treasure, implants are hidden from sight, and more valuable than you imagine. Unlike a buried treasure, you don't have to dig them up to cash in on the value. In fact, we don't recommend digging a hole in your gums for any reason. All you need to do to reap the benefits is practice good oral hygiene.

If you treasure your smile and your oral health, don't let missing teeth ruin it! Go to the root of the problem with dental implants. Call us at and schedule your appointment today.

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