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SmileWhat does a smile minus a tooth equal? A trip to the dentist! You can't eat or speak easily with a tooth missing. Oral hygiene becomes more difficult and less effective. People start giving you funny looks when you smile. The reasons are endless, and they all point to the same fact: if you've lost a tooth, you need to replace it. The question is, "how?" Dental implant treatment is one of several options available at Big Smile Dental in Chicago.

What is a dental implant?

Let's start with what a dental implant isn't. It is not a replacement for a tooth; it is the support for that replacement. What most people think of when they picture an implant is actually two or three parts.
  1. The actual implant is a replacement for a tooth root. Just like a natural root, it extends into the jawbone for stability. An implant is a tiny piece of titanium, which is not visible once the tooth is in place.
  2. A connector, called an abutment, is usually attached to the implant. In some cases, the implant and abutment are a single piece.
  3. When the implants are in place, and securely bonded with bone, your new tooth or teeth are placed. Implants are versatile; they can support specially designed crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Dental Implant Surgery

Benefits of implants

Of the many tooth replacement options, dental implant treatment is the only solution that replaces the root of the tooth. Why is this important? Your jawbone needs the stimulation of tooth roots (or implants) to stay healthy. Otherwise, it will begin shrinking, eventually affecting the appearance of your face.

Stability is another important distinction of dental implants. Replacing a tooth without the root is like replacing a building without the foundation. It might stay there, but it is never going to be completely stable. Implants are just as strong as a natural tooth, because they are "rooted" in your jaw, just like a natural tooth. That means they function just like real teeth.

Are you tired of avoiding your favorite foods, and being embarrassed to smile or eat in public? Implant supported restorations won't let you down. They are beautiful, and they won't slip, slide, fall out, or interfere with clear speech. You can talk, laugh, scream, and sing out loud without fear of embarrassment – at least not from your teeth.

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What are Dental Implant

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