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Dental Implants - An inside look

Dental Implants Considered one of the most reliable and successfully implemented solutions to missing teeth a dental implant is both a prosthetic and a cosmetic dentistry procedure, since it performs at least a double function in your mouth. You are both served up with an extremely efficient and durable artificial tooth, as well as having your appearance enhanced.

An implant is the replacement root for a missing tooth, which serves as a foundation to embed an artificial substitute tooth. Dental implants could then be in the form of a crown, bridge or denture, firmly anchored into a titanium implant foundation.

The really convenient and attractive factors that accompany dental implants are:

You no longer have that sagging facial structure that is usually found with the loss of teeth – so you will look younger, and that certainly will be a great boost to your sagging self esteem and confidence.

You are doing away with cumbersome, inconvenient and easily misplaced dentures.

The neighboring teeth don’t need to be pared down, nor do they act as a support for the new artificial tooth - which contributes to dental health rather than eroding it.

Because they are blended in to your existing bone construction, you will experience neither gum recession nor bone loss, unlike with other procedures.

On the whole, your periodontist will not recommend that you have a dental implant unless your teeth, gums and oral bones are generally healthy. Depending on the position, nature and quantity of dental implants you need, your periodontist or cosmetic dentist will decide which of the following procedures will be implemented on you:

Endosteal dental implants:

This procedure is where a blade, cylinder or screw is inserted into your jawbone by surgery. This is the common type of dental implant.

Subperiosteal dental implants:

In this system metal posts protrude from out of the gum in a frame that will hold the artificial tooth. This is generally used for patients with short gums.

You must keep in mind however that you must not neglect regular visits to your periodontist and the particular care system he will advise you to adhere to. You must also care for your dental implants the way you would for your normal teeth with the daily cleaning and flossing routines. This way, dentists claim that a dental implant could be a life-time solution – and oh, such a clean and uncomplicated one as well.

What are Dental Implant

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