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The moment of tooth: What to expect from dental implants treatment Chicago

We all have a few regrets about the past. We get careless. We make mistakes. Unfortunately, by the time the past catches up with us, the damage can be permanent. The moment of truth comes when you realize that you can’t replace that lost love from high school, or those comic books that you threw in the trash before they were collector’s items. Fortunately, not everything that has been lost is gone forever.

If you have an empty hole in your smile, reminding you of times when you neglected your oral hygiene – it’s time for the moment of tooth. More specifically, the moment of dental implant placement, when your smile becomes whole again! What exactly does the journey from toothless to terrific involve?

  • To begin with, one of our superb dentists will perform an examination and discuss your options. Virtually anyone who is missing teeth can be a candidate for implants, but patients with extensive bone loss may need a graft. We also offer traditional bridges and dentures for those who prefer a faster solution.
  • When the day of the procedure comes, you might be in for a surprise. Most people expect a lengthy, painful ordeal. In reality, it is just the opposite. You will be thoroughly numbed before we start, so the process is comfortable. Don’t let the word “surgery” scare you – it only takes a tiny incision in the gum to place an implant.
  • What happens when the anesthetic wears off? You get an even more pleasant surprise: Many patients report no soreness following implant placement. Those who do experience aftereffects compare it to having a tooth pulled.
  • We’ll give your jawbone a few months to adapt to the implant. You will have a temporary restoration to keep you smiling during this time. Gradually, new bone cells will form and attach themselves to the implant, just like it was part of the bone.
  • Once your bone has a good hold on the implant, we can put your beautiful new teeth in place.
  • The final step is – enjoy your dazzling, healthy smile!
The most important step in the entire process is the very first one – call Big Smile Dental at and schedule an appointment to get started on your new smile.

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