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Four steps to fixing your smile with dental implants in Chicago

perfect Smile with ToothIf your car, dishwasher, or computer were broken, you would want to get it fixed right away. Doesn't your smile deserve the same consideration? After all, your new client won't think less of you for taking the L to work, but if you introduce yourself with a toothless grin, that's a different story. Yes, your smile is worth fixing, and it's never too late, no matter how many teeth you are missing.

Dental implants are the number one choice for most patients. They mimic the anatomy of a natural tooth, rooted in the jawbone. Therefore, they provide the most stable, durable, comfortable tooth replacement available. When designed and delivered by the renowned team of cosmetic dentists at Big Smile Dental, they are also stunning! What does the process involve?
  1. Consultation – We start with a visual examination, x-rays, and an in-depth discussion. Some people think they can't get dental implants because of bone loss. However, grafting is usually a viable option in these cases. We'll explain your options, learn about your goals, and work with you to choose the best solution.

  2. Placement – The actual implants are tiny titanium posts, embedded in the jawbone. They are placed in the jawbone during a very minor, comfortable oral surgery. Usually, a healing collar or a temporary restoration is added to protect the area.

  3. Healing – You should notice very little soreness after the procedure, and the tiny incisions heal quickly. However, there is another healing process going on, one that you don't see or feel. Bone tissue treats a dental implant just like part of the body. It gradually grows around and bonds with the titanium, anchoring it just like a tooth root.

  4. Restoration – Occasionally, this step is done at the same time the implant is placed. However, it usually comes after the bone has finished healing. An attachment, called an abutment, is added to the implant. It holds your new, custom-made crown (or other restoration). The entire process is usually completed within a few months.
Are you ready to trade that hole in your smile for a whole smile? Call Big Smile Dental in Chicago at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment to find out if dental implants are right for you.

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