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How dental implants can help Chicago denture wearers

Slipping and sliding is great fun if you're at a water park on a sweltering summer day. Not so much when you're having lunch with friends and your teeth simply won't stay put. It's a common dilemma well known to denture wearers everywhere, and historically there was no good solution. No amount of adhesive can give the average denture wearer the confidence to bite into corn on the cob, especially in front of others. What can give you that confidence? Dental implants from Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL.

Benefits of implants
Dental implants are worth considering whether you are missing a single tooth or an entire arch. They are unique in the fact that they replace the tooth root, which keeps your jawbone healthy. How does that work?

In some ways, bones are like muscles. If you go to the gym and workout every day, your muscles will get stronger and healthier. If you sit on the couch every day, your muscles will get weaker and eventually shrink (atrophy). Well, the jawbone was designed to support teeth via their roots. Without that stimulation, your jawbone is essentially sitting on the couch every day, and slowly fading, Research suggests that dentures may aggravate the problem because they cause pressure on the outside of the bone. Just imagine what would happen to your muscles if the couch sat on you...

How implant supported dentures are different
An implant-supported denture is similar in design to other dentures, but it has built in fittings. They may snap over the dental implants, or they may be attached permanently, depending on the type of denture you choose. The most significant difference is in the comfort and stability. You can speak, smile, and eat with confidence.

If it is an upper denture, there is also a difference in shape. Traditional dentures suck – literally; they are held in place by suction. An upper denture covers the roof of your mouth because more surface area creates a stronger suction for greater stability. Implant-supported dentures don't suck. They have a stable foundation, so they don't need to cover the roof of your mouth. That means no more plastic feeling, and you can taste your food again.

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