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Dental Implants for replacing multiple teeth

Teeth of Male and Female Is your smile disappearing one tooth at a time? Traditionally, removable dentures, or in some cases fixed bridges, were the only options available. Although these solutions are effective, they are certainly not the same as your natural teeth. Dentures are known for slipping and sliding around in your mouth, or even flying out of the most embarrassing moment. Fixed bridges are much more stable, but they rely on healthy teeth for that stability, and they can be challenging to clean.

Shouldn't there be a better way? Can't you just have your own teeth back? Well you can (almost). Technically, we can't actually regrow new teeth (although that technology is in the works), but we can offer the next best thing. If it looks like a tooth, feels like a tooth, and functions like a tooth – it just might be a dental implant!

Many people think of a dental implant as a way to replace one tooth, which it is. But, implants are also a great way to replace several teeth, or even all of your teeth. Options for replacing multiple teeth with implants include:
  • Individual replacement – Each tooth can be replaced separately, with a dental implant and porcelain crown.

  • Implant supported bridge – This appliance is similar in many ways to a traditional bridge. The most important difference is that it does not rely on teeth for support. Instead, it is supported entirely by a dental implant. Depending on the number and location of missing teeth, as few as two implants may be used.

  • Implant supported dentures – This is the most common solution for people who are missing all of their teeth. Just a few dental implants can be used to achieve full stability of the denture plate.
We take great care to design your implants and restorations to replicate the size, shape, angle, and appearance of a natural tooth, without the natural flaws. In fact, you just might discover that your smile is even healthier and more beautiful than ever!

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