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The case of the missing tooth in Chicago – solved by dental implants

Smile with TeethJust yesterday, he was right there. He hadn't made any enemies that you know of. He'd been in pain, but you didn't think he was really sick. Then, right in the middle of dinner, he vanished, leaving behind nothing but a gaping hole and a big problem. Was he kidnapped or assassinated? How can you ever fill the vast void left by your suddenly departed tooth? You'll find the answer to these and other pressing questions at Big Smile Dental, right here in Chicago.

How the story begins

The first thing that many people wonder is why the tooth fell out. If you had a close encounter with a sidewalk or a baseball, you know why you lost your tooth. Otherwise, it may not be so obvious. The answer is usually microscopic bacteria. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss, and the symptoms are incredibly subtle. If you aren't diligent, it will sneak in and undermine your teeth, with very little evidence on the surface. This is one of many reasons to attend biannual dental checkups, because your dentist or hygienist can spot the early signs.

More secrets of the missing tooth

If you think gum disease is the only destructive force that can lurk beneath the surface, think again. The missing tooth has another dark secret: Bone resorption. That means that once a tooth is gone, the bone it was anchored in begins slowly disappearing. We could be romantic and think that it was wasting away, pining for its beloved tooth. In reality, this is a scientifically proven physical process. It happens because living bone tissue needs stimulation (provided by the tooth root) to trigger healthy cell repair and regeneration.

A happy ending

Every great story ends with a smile, and the missing tooth is no exception. Dental implants, the hero of our tale, go straight to the root of the problem and solve it. They are placed in the jawbone, right where the tooth root came from. This provides a solid foundation, allowing a replacement tooth to be just as strong, attractive, and functional as a natural one. Since it acts like a tooth root, it stimulates the bone, preventing reception.

Every smile has a story. Let us help you make yours a beautiful one. Call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 and schedule your appointment today.

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