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Play it safe: Replace missing teeth with Chicago dental implants

“You need to replace that missing tooth.” If you have a gap in your smile, you've probably heard that phrase from dentists, health experts, and well-meaning friends. But you might be wondering why. You won't be arrested for indecent exposure of bare pink gums, and no one has ever died of a missing tooth. Technically, you don't have to fill that gap, but you should – for more reasons than you might realize:
  • Image – If you're an aspiring actor looking for a role as a pirate or caveman, a few less teeth would be to your benefit. However, in virtually any other professional, personal, or social situation, a nice smile is a great asset.
  • Confidence – Your self-image is even more important than what other people see, and every time you are too embarrassed to smile, you are putting a dent in your air of confidence.
  • Chewing efficiency – A smile is visually appealing, and it's an important tool of non-verbal communication, but let's not forget the most basic function of teeth. They allow you to eat hard, tough, or chewy foods. As you lose teeth, you probably also lose a few of your favorite foods.
  • Keep your teeth straight – You've already lost one, possibly more, so you probably want to protect what teeth you have left. Unfortunately, those teeth will start leaning toward the empty space unless you fill it.
  • Prevent cavities and gum disease – See the bullet point above. Crooked teeth trap plaque and tartar, which includes harmful bacteria. If that wasn't enough of a recipe for disease, they also pull away from the gums when they lean, creating convenient pockets where bacteria can move in and attack the gum tissue and tooth roots.
  • Protect your jawbone – Many people do not realize that teeth are important for jawbone health. Without tooth roots, the bone starts to melt away. The more teeth you lose the more bone you lose.
Dentures or bridges will address most of the problems mentioned above, at least to a degree, but there is only one way to replace the roots of teeth, and protect your jawbone. That is the placement of one or more dental implants, topped with a quality, cosmetic restoration. This also happens to be the most comfortable, functional, long lasting, and beautiful solution.

It's time to make your smile whole again. Call Big Smile Dental in Chicago at today and schedule an appointment.

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