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How teeth are designed

You have probably heard the expression that there is no need to re-invent the wheel. The same could be said of a tooth. The natural design is functional and attractive, as well as very efficient. The part you see is strong, durable, and beautiful. What you don't see is the root anchoring it to the jawbone. This serves a dual purpose, keeping the bone healthy in addition to providing a rock-solid foundation for the tooth. The root stimulates healthy bone cell rejuvenation keeping it strong.

Throughout history, people have attempted to re-invent teeth when the natural ones were lost. Even the most successful designs, such as dentures and bridges, were not as functional, comfortable, or effective as the real thing. Additionally, the jawbone starts to melt away once a tooth is lost, and traditional replacement options do nothing to stop it. Today, these problems have been resolved by replicating (not re-inventing) the design of a real tooth.

Closer to nature

The ideal solution would be to grow a new tooth. Unfortunately, we don't have the science to accomplish that quite yet, but an implant-supported restoration is the next best thing. It has all of the components of a real tooth. The implant itself replaces the root (the part that is left out of other options). Crowns, bridges, or even complete dentures can be placed atop implants, just like a natural tooth with a root.

The result is a beautiful, functional, stable restoration that allows you to eat anything you want, and smile without fear of embarrassment. Because your teeth are placed at a natural angle and they do not move, no one would ever guess they aren't real. In fact, even your own body can't tell the difference! Your jawbone responds to an implant just like a natural root, keeping it strong and healthy.

Don't let gaps or inadequate prosthetics ruin the health and appearance of your smile. Visit Big Smile Dental in Chicago and let us give you a reason to smile. Call to schedule your appointment.

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