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Plugging the gap with dental implants in Chicago, IL

The team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL, understands how important you smile is, and we want to help it stay healthy and gorgeous. We offer a variety of solutions for missing teeth, including dental implants, which are considered the best and most long lasting option in most cases.

Why replace missing teeth
Some people think that losing a tooth isn't a big deal. It is. Maybe not as big of deal as losing your boss's credit card, but it's still pretty serious, and it gets more so with time. In fact, if you don't fill the gap, then a lost tooth could become a much bigger problem. A lost credit card might cost you your job, or at least that promotion, but it won't endanger your health (unless your boss is very, very angry).

Even one missing tooth can ruin your beautiful smile. The more strange looks and sarcastic comments you get from friends, co-workers, and even strangers, the more you will understand what a difference that gap makes. So, you quit smiling when others can see you, and you quit looking in the mirror. Problem solved, right? Wrong! Hiding your smile will only make you look unfriendly, and feel self-conscious. Besides, you can't hide from the oral health effects of missing teeth.

Teeth help each other stay upright and when there is a gap, they begin to lean in that direction. As they lean, they pull away from gum tissue and crowd other teeth, making abundant nooks, crannies, and cervices where bacteria can take up residence. Meanwhile, your smile becomes more interesting every day as that gap is now surrounded by crooked teeth.

Finding the right solution
For most patients, dental implants are the best way to fill the gaps in their smiles and their confidence. Implants help preserve the jawbone, and provide a greater level of stability than the alternatives – and they do all of this without any harm or alteration to your natural teeth.

You hear of implants for replacing missing teeth, so you might assume that they are false teeth. This sounds logical, but it's not the case. An implant is just a small piece of titanium, which does a big job. One end of the implant is embedded in the jawbone, and the other end is left sticking up, usually at or just below the gum line. This gives us a stable foundation for attaching the replacement tooth or teeth. Because implants are simply the support system, they can be used with crowns, bridges, or dentures, making them a great option whether you are missing one or many teeth.

It's time to make your smile whole again. Call and schedule appointment at Big Smile Dental to find out if implants are right for you.

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