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Advanced treatment for missing teeth in Chicago: The evolution of dental implants

The human race has been responsible for countless innovations, especially in modern history. However, the most intricate, sophisticated, and complex machine that we work with every day is not one that we designed. The human body is, in many ways, more advanced than science. It can accomplish things that researchers have yet to understand, let alone replicate. Every time a new discovery is made, new chapters in healthcare begin. The story of dental implants is a wonderful example.

The tale of dental implants

It begins like this: Once upon a time, long ago, in a faraway land, a tooth was lost, and someone had an idea. Since the tooth had been rooted in the jawbone, just put something else in its place…

Seriously, it's a true story – archeologists have found evidence of attempted dental implants in ancient, primitive societies. Unfortunately for those people, the story didn't have a happy ending until many centuries later. Throughout history, people tried all sorts of materials and techniques (you probably don't want the details), but they all encountered the same problem. It would fall out. Yeah, that's a big problem. A jawbone can hold onto a healthy tooth root with the grip of a starving man clutching his last hot dog. Yet, it could not keep an implant in place. This particular mystery was not solved until the 1950s.

How implants work their magic

Like most amazing discoveries, the secret of dental implants was solved through hard work, exhaustive clinical research, and a healthy dose of luck. The subject of the research was not actually dental implants, but rather blood flow. A surprising problem occurred when "temporarily" implanted chambers could not be removed. They had fused with the bone tissue, as if they had grown there. When the professor realized he had found a material that bone tissue would accept; the path to modern dental implants was paved.

The modern history of implants is chalk full of improvements in materials, technology, and techniques. The procedure has been fine-tuned to a beautiful, safe, reliable, long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

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