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Tooth Implant in Chicago - Girl Biting an Apple When you smile, do people see pearly white or gummy pink? Even though a smile is actually a facial expression, the word makes us think of teeth, and that's what we expect to see. A smile without teeth is like a bank account with no money - it doesn't have much value. Fortunately, you have solutions at hand in Chicago, IL. Dental implants are one of the most popular ways to put teeth, and value, back in your smile.

What's a good smile worth?

We can’t place a monetary value on something like a smile. Then again, maybe we can; studies have shown that a resounding three out of four Americans believe an attractive smile can help you get a dream job, and climb to the top. This might not seem fair. After all, the toothless can be good employees. However, it's just human nature. We think more of people with beautiful smiles. Additionally, your teeth can affect your personality or behavior.

No matter how much you dress up, if you can't put on a dazzling smile, you don't feel confident. You don't feel ready to face the day. Instead, you feel like hiding, avoiding socializing, and avoiding smiling altogether. This certainly doesn’t describe a person who can enter a boardroom, a café, or walk onto a stage with an air of confidence, captivating the attention of all who are present. To do that, you need a winning smile. More importantly, you need to know your smile is perfect.

Dental implants can restore your teeth, your self-esteem, and more. Chewing takes a lot more force than you might think. You mouth was designed for this pressure to be distributed evenly among your teeth. Every tooth you lose puts more pressure on the others. Restorations like bridges don't carry their share of the workload, because they are supported by teeth.

Implants are strong and independent. They don't need a tooth to prop them up - they are rooted in the jawbone. This means that the can take the pressure, avoiding damage or drifting of your other teeth.

If you are ready to maximize the value of your smile - put some teeth in it, with dental implants from Big Smile Dental.

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