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How are dental implants placed?

The dental implant placement process basically starts with the drilling of a small pilot hole into the bone area where the implant is to be placed. Thereafter, this hole is widened and the implant is either screwed or tapped down into place. This process is very similar to a screw being threaded into wood or dry wall.

The extent to which the dental implant is screwed down into the bone depends on the area of the mouth where the process takes place. Normally, when an implant is placed in the back area of the mouth, the dental implant is placed down to a level where the top part is located slightly above the bone. In the front and more aesthetic areas of the mouth, the implant is placed all the way down to the bone level so that a more esthetic result is obtained.

Regardless of where the implant is placed, the next step of the placement process involves covering the affected area, suturing the gum over the implant, and leaving it covered for about four to six months. During this time, the bone successfully fuses to the threads of the implant.

Once the dental implants have effectively fused with the bone, the oral surgeon checks it and gives clearance for the restoration placement. Then a post is connected to the implants and an impression is taken for a cap or crown, which will act as the artificial replacement tooth.

To find out if the dental implants procedure is the right treatment for you, contact Dr. Ted Siegel of Big Smile Dental today for a consultation. Dr. Siegel will examine your mouth thoroughly and then will help you decide if implants are the best course action to take. Before the treatment begins Dr. Siegel will make sure you understand the dental implants process.

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