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Did your tooth leave you? It's time for dental implants in Chicago

Your smile is important. It helps shape your self-image and others' perceptions of you. It is one of the most universally understood forms of communication. It can even help you get a date or a dream job. When you lose a tooth, it can feel like a part of you is missing. No, wait… A part of you is missing.

In the past, teeth were treated like removable, disposable parts. If a tooth fell out, it was no big deal. If a tooth was badly damaged, it was pulled. People thought of gaps as purely cosmetic problems. If you had enough teeth to chew with, you were good to go. Well, modern science says “Not so!”

What really happens when you lose a tooth?
  • The jawbone in that area begins fading away. When several teeth are gone, this can make your jawline recede, changing the appearance of your face. Less bone density also means more risk of a fractured or broken jaw.
  • Your other teeth begin shifting. Have you ever played dominos? If so, it should be easy to imagine what happens to your nice neat row of teeth when one is removed.
  • It's hard to chew. Maybe you can get a meal down with fewer teeth, but it isn't easy. If you chew on the other side of your mouth, all of the work is being done by half of the teeth and muscles. This causes excessive wear on your healthy teeth, and your jaw.
  • Your appearance and confidence can suffer. If you cringe every time you see that gap in the mirror, you already know this.
Luckily, we have a great solution for filling that gap. Dental implants replace the root, so that your new tooth has the same level of support your old one did (when it was healthy).

You know what happens when you lose a tooth. You might be wondering what happens when we replace it with a dental implant and cosmetic restoration.
  • Your jawbone is preserved. The implant stimulates it just like a tooth root, keeping it healthy.
  • Your other teeth stay put. They do not shift, and they don't need to be altered in any way.
  • You can eat what you want with ease. Implants restore full chewing functionality.
  • Your smile is stunning! The skilled cosmetic dentists at Big Smile Dental will design a gorgeous restoration, and it will always be stable and in place.
Don't you think it's time to trade the hole in your smile for a whole smile? Call Big Smile Dental at and schedule a consultation today.

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