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Are Chicago dentures considered a cosmetic procedure?

Lady Showing Her Nice Teeth Chicago, IL (October, 2014) – People tend to put things in neat categories. Teeth whitening is cosmetic dentistry; treatment for a toothache is not. Some ask about dentures. In reality, many dental procedures cannot be classified so simply. Dentures are essential, and they are rarely considered cosmetic or elective for insurance purposes. But they can also dramatically improve your appearance, particularly when designed by such talented cosmetic dentists as those at Big Smile Dental. Like porcelain crowns and tooth-colored fillings, well made dentures have enough benefits to qualify as both cosmetic and restorative.

“There is no simple formula for achieving the best result. It takes the best people, the best materials, the best techniques, and the best dental laboratory. Most of all, it takes a dentist who is dedicated to quality, and who will go the extra mile for your smile.” ~ Dr. Theodore Siegel

The importance of denture design

Technically, dentures are false teeth – but they certainly don’t have to look like it. That is, if they are designed correctly. The first step in achieving a great fit is taking an accurate impression. We take great care to ensure that your new appliance aligns properly, fits the contours of your mouth snugly yet comfortably, and looks amazing. The teeth are designed with a natural shape, proportionate to your facial features, using the proven principles of aesthetic smile design.

Fabrication and follow-up

Okay, so we make a great design. Then what? We work with premier dental laboratories, who create your denture from advanced dental resin materials. The base is colored to mimic healthy gum tissue, with carefully crafted, beautifully white teeth.

When your denture is ready, we schedule your next visit. The dentist will refine the design, if needed, for optimal fit and appearance. However, our attentive concern does not stop when you leave the office. Even with a perfectly fitted denture, it is not unusual for a few sore spots or minor issues to develop as gums and facial muscles adjust to a new denture. If this happens, simply call our office and schedule and adjustment appointment, and your dentist will further refine the denture. We are not satisfied until you are delighted with your new smile!

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