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Historical correction, modern myth-busting, and facts about dentures that Chicago patients should know

The Perfect Attractive smileMost of us grew up hearing about George Washington's wooden teeth, and wondering if he and grandpa had the same dentist. After a great deal of contemplation, the answer was obvious. George Washington was a president; he would have a good dentist, so his teeth must have looked better than that. Eventually, you learned that Grandpa hadn't actually been around since the beginning of time, and concluded that dentures just weren't a good replacement for teeth. In the not too distant past that was true, but a lot has changed.

The new reality

Forget everything you learned about dentures in childhood. It no longer applies. What's changed?
  • Materials – Today's dentures are usually made from resin, but it no longer looks like plastic. With improved manufacturing techniques, and various additives to customize the color, denture teeth look just like real teeth. Even the pink base is perfectly matched to gum tissue, for a truly natural appearance.

  • Design – Even if your dentures look like teeth, you won't have a nice smile if they look like someone else's teeth. Our amazing team of cosmetic dentists uses the proven scientific and artistic principles of smile design, along with extensive dental skill and experience, to design a dazzling smile that is uniquely you.

  • Stability – With accurate impression techniques and precision fine-tuning, a removable denture can be made to fit snugly, for exceptional comfort and functionality. The fit can be maintained with occasional re-lines as needed.

  • Even more stability – Want to take your smile to the next level? Dentures can be fitted with housings that snap over dental implants, so they feel and function just like teeth.

  • Historical correction – Even the history of dentures has changed. Remember George Washington's wooden teeth? Historians analyzed them about a decade ago, and learned that they were made of ivory, gold, lead, animal teeth, and human teeth. Sounds safe and sanitary, doesn't it?
Losing your teeth no longer means giving up your pride and your favorite foods in exchange for a frighteningly unreal set of false teeth. Just visit Big Smile Dental in Chicago and let us give you a reason to smile. Call 773-772-8400 and schedule your appointment.

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