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Dentures in Chicago can complete your smile

Female volunteers participating in breast cancer awarenessSmile and the whole world smiles with you, so the saying goes. But what if you don’t have a whole smile? Will half of the world smile in appreciation of your remaining teeth? Maybe, but it probably feels more like the whole world is looking at you, and for all the wrong reasons. In fact, many people with missing teeth avoid smiling, or hide their smiles. Dentures don’t just replace missing teeth. They can help restore your confidence, and bring back the joy of smiling.

Classic removable dentures are good

We understand that everyone has different needs and goals, and everyone has a budget to consider. We offer several options in dentures to complete your smile your way. Traditional full or partial dentures provide a fast and economical solution. Contrary to popular myths, they can also be comfortable and beautiful, when properly designed by skilled cosmetic dentists, such as the renowned team at Big Smile Dental.

Implant supported dentures are even better

Want to take your smile to a whole new level? Dental implants are the answer. They are placed securely in the jawbone, right where tooth roots would be. Maybe you don’t think about the roots of your teeth much, since you don’t see them, but they do a very important job. A couple of important jobs, actually. The most obvious is holding up teeth. Without roots, full dentures must rely on suction and partials are attached to other teeth.

What else do tooth roots do? They help protect your jawbone. When you bite down, the pressure on your teeth is transferred to the root, and on to the bone. It might seem like this would cause wear and tear on the bone, but the opposite is true. That stimulation triggers cell production and keeps the bone healthy, just like the strain of exercise keeps muscles strong.

Learn more about your best option

If you are ready to fill the hole in your smile, we will help you choose the best solution. Just visit our office for a consultation and we will explain your viable options, and the pros and cons of each. When you make your choice, we will create your dazzling smile! Just call 773-772-8400 to schedule your appointment.

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