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How long does it take to make cosmetic dentures?

Elderly Woman If you are thinking of wearing cosmetic dentures, you must visit a cosmetic dentist so that he can examine your mouth and gums to decide if you are fit to use dentures. The whole process may take up to six visits with your dentist. However, depending on the complexity of each case, the duration may vary.

If a few existing teeth need to be removed, your dentist is likely to extract these teeth or treat your gums into good health. This is usually done during your initial appointment.

During your following appointments, a mold of your gums is taken in order to check the height of the future teeth. Special apparatus and material is used to ascertain the correct vertical dimensions and accurate positioning of the jaws. The dentist carefully evaluates the tooth color to find the perfect shade.

Next, the cosmetic dentist records the way you bite your jaws together and take accurate records of teeth and gums. The dental technician will make your dentures to the dentist’s exact specifications. A mold of the gums is created using a special dental material so that the dentures fit the mouth and gums exactly. It is important that they fit correctly, as an ill fit is likely to cause you discomfort and eating difficulty. The adjusted mold is then used to fabricate the dentures with wax.

Your dentist will then ask you to try the dentures of teeth set in wax so that you can have an idea of how the teeth will look like. Together with your dentist, you will agree with the color and shape of the teeth. You will also be asked to talk wearing the dentures so that your dentist can make sure you have no difficulty with speech. The wax will be taken off and the remaining area will be filled with pink wax. Gaps that were present in natural teeth can also be duplicated in the denture. The heating of the mold will harden the plastic and later the dentures are polished, processed and are finally ready to use. The whole process of making cosmetic dentures generally takes less than a month from your first dental appointment.

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