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Choosing your denture: The types techniques, and terms Chicago residents need to know

The Perfect Your New SmileYour new denture is your new smile, and it will be with you for a very long time. You want it to be just right, beautiful, natural, comfortable, and functional. That means you don't want to jump in and make a spontaneous decision. Unfortunately, understanding your options is often easier said than done.

You might think a denture is a denture, until you try to read about them. There are so many terms; it can make your head swim. Let us explain some of the most common:
  • Full denture - An appliance that replaces all upper or all lower teeth is called a full denture. It is also called a complete denture.

  • Partial denture - This is an appliance that replaces some, but not all of your teeth.

  • Upper - This is a denture that replaces your top teeth.

  • Lower - This is a denture that replaces your bottom teeth.

  • Traditional dentures - These are what you probably remember seeing since childhood. They are more comfortable, reliable, and attractive thanks to modern materials and techniques, but the concept is the same. False teeth are set in a pink base that covers your gums (and the roof of your mouth if they are uppers). It is not attached in any way. It is held in place by suction, often with the help of adhesives. They are also called classic dentures.

  • Removable denture - This can mean any denture that is not permanently attached. It is usually used in reference to traditional dentures, but implant supported dentures are often removable (they snap in place).

  • Implant supported denture - This is the modern solution to slipping teeth, messy adhesives, and embarrassing moments. Implants are secured in the jawbone and attached to the denture, giving it stability similar to natural teeth. This type of denture has also been called the best idea since sliced pizza.

If you still have questions, don't worry; we have answers! The first smart decision that you can make is choosing the right dentist. Call 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment with the team that has won Chicago's heart (and countless customer service awards).

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