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Why are lower full dentures sometimes more loose than uppers?

Smiling Elderly Woman Dentures are a traditional solution of teeth replacement. However, dentures can be uncomfortable if they are ill-fitting or become loose after some time. Denture users have to live with the limitations of dentures, both functionally as well as aesthetically. If the dentures tend to become loose, there is a risk of them falling out in the midst of an oral activity such as eating, drinking or speaking. This can cause great discomfort or embarrassment to the user.

The problem of dentures coming loose is more commonly seen in lower dentures as compared to upper dentures. This happens in the lower jaw because there is lesser anatomy to stabilize the denture. In the lower jaw it is also difficult to achieve a peripheral seal, and often the tongue can unseat the denture. As a person raises the tongue, it lifts the entire floor of the mouth and causes an unseating effect on the lower denture.

As a result of this problem, many denture users face the unpleasant situation of the denture getting loose or falling off when they are eating or speaking. However, this limitation can be overcome to a good extent with dental implants. The dental implant technology is helping to improve the stability of dentures in the mouth.

A dental implant can be used to support the lower denture. Two implants can be placed on the bone in approximately the same position as the canines were. Small attachments are screwed into the implant and the denture snaps on to those attachments. This helps to enhance the retention and stability of the lower denture. The patient can have peace of mind, and eat or speak without the fear of the denture coming loose.

Big Smile Dental’s Dr. Theodore Siegel will go over options to help keep your dentures fitting snugly.

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