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How Chicago dentures are – and aren't – exactly like real teeth

The Perfect Attractive smileYou can ask, beg, demand, or even give them roses – and it won't do any good. Once your teeth are gone, they are never coming back. Hey, cheer up; there are other fish in the sea. Okay, so fish probably won't help either, but it sounded like the right thing to say. Here is something that should make you feel better. With just a few visits to our office, there can be other teeth in your mouth. Yes, we are talking about dentures, and you might be surprised at how beautiful, comfortable, and customizable they are today.

A denture is just like natural teeth

No longer are dentures bulky, uncomfortable, or ugly. When designed by true cosmetic dentists such as those at Big Smile Dental, Dentures simply look like teeth. Real, beautiful, natural teeth. If you want them to feel solid, stable, and secure, just like natural teeth, then they can be supported by a few implants. This allows you to smile, laugh, talk, yell, and eat anything you want – without worrying about loose dentures. Another very important similarity between dentures and real teeth is the need for oral hygiene.

A denture is different

Our policy is absolute honesty with our patients, so we won't try to tell you that a denture is exactly like real teeth in every way. You can expect it to feel a bit strange in your mouth at first, and eating might seem awkward. Don't worry; this adjustment phase passes quickly. After that, you will notice very little difference from natural teeth if you have an appliance that is permanently attached to implants. If they are removable, you will need to take them out for cleaning, and while you sleep. If your dentures are not supported by implants, you may wish to use a bit of adhesive for added stability. This is usually not necessary with upper dentures, but some people prefer the feeling of security. Lower dentures are more difficult to stabilize, and most patients choose to have them supported by implants.

You can have a beautiful, healthy smile – no matter how many damaged or missing teeth you have. Just call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment to find out for yourself how we keep Chicago smiling.

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