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Teeth Dentures in Chicago - Are Chicago, IL dentures right for you?

Elderly Couple Have you had it with your teeth? Are they just lying around, embarrassing you in public, unwilling to work, or not there at all when you need them? If this sounds familiar, maybe it's time to end the relationship. There are more fish in the sea, and there are better teeth available in Chicago, IL. Dentures from Big Smile Dental can end your woes forever.

The dentists at Big Smile Dental have extensive experience, matchmaking patients with the smiles of their dreams. It will be love at first sight, the moment you lay eyes on that irresistible, captivating smile in the mirror. Dentures are custom made, from an impression of your mouth, for a perfect fit. If you need any adjustments, you can always return to our office, because we understand how a little irritation can turn into a big pain when you have to live with it every day. We aren't satisfied until you are delighted with your smile!

Dentures may be a good match for you if:
  • All or most of your teeth are missing
  • Your teeth are loose because of gum disease
  • There is too much decay to save natural teeth
  • You have dentures and aren't happy with them

We want to make sure you and your smile live happily ever after, so we won't recommend dentures unless they are just right for you. If most of your teeth are intact, crowns or bridges might be enough to fill that hole in your heartfelt smile. If the bond between you and your teeth is strong, but keep causing you pain, root canal therapy can stop the sensitivity and remove the toxins that were poisoning your relationship with your tooth.

Once you and hour dentist have discussed your options, and your questions have been, it may be evident that the time has come for you and your teeth to part ways. If they have already left you, there is no decision to be made here. At this point, you have the exciting opportunity to choose your smile!

Traditional, express, cosmetic, specialty, and implant-supported dentures are among your options. Like any good matchmaker, we will discuss your lifestyle, habits, and preferences to help you choose your soul mate – that is, the smile that will accurately reflect your inner beauty and radiance.

Call Big Smile Dental today if you are ready to meet your dream denture.

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  • I have been to The Big Smile Dental for 30 years plus... ~ Eleonor .A .P
  • Continuously Good Service ~ Jemeka C Burroughs
  • Best Dentist in Chicago ~ Sammy
  • Big Smile Dental is such a great office... ~ Highlander3
  • Excellent! ~ Kinna
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