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Invisalign the faster way to straighten your smile

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If you are one for the fast track, Invisalign will be right up your street! You could have teeth that are unevenly spaced, moderately protruding or over crowded and you badly want to have them corrected. You have pondered hard and long about the possibility of making an appointment with the orthodontist but the very prospect of the long and tedious process has put you off.

You are well aware that not only will you have to wear the uncomfortable appliance but be subjected to monthly tightening, which require further discomfort and adjustment on your part. Then you will have to be careful about what you eat and drink.

Chewing, chomping and many other oral functions will have to be shelved while the alien resides in your oral cavity, and additionally you will have to take extra care when removing it, cleaning and storing it. If you are required to wear the braces during the night, that only adds insult to injury and you can’t even get an undisturbed night’s rest.

Over and beyond all this you shudder when you consider just how much it will affect your appearance and no longer will you be able to flash a disarming grin with confidence, but will have to perform careful oral gymnastics to produce a pleasant looking smile. Additionally when you need to speak, you will just have to get yourself accustomed to chewing on a mouthful of wire while you do so.

Now the crowning deterrent is the time frame. You are going to be stuck with this supposedly useful contraption for at least twelve months – more likely to be eighteen. How can you bear the thought? So you have dispensed with the idea altogether. That is, until you heard about Invisalign.

This wonder bracing system involves turning out a custom built series of transparent appliances that fit exactly over your own individual teeth – which have been produced from computerized three-dimensional graphic images of your teeth. These come in sets of anything from ten to twenty five aligners that gradually push the teeth further into the correct position.

Each new aligner will be introduced every 2 weeks and the wonderful thing is that they are amazingly comfortable – you can slip them on and off with no hassle and they are completely transparent – therefore hardly noticeable. They are certainly for you.

What are Invisalign Braces

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