10 HUGE Reasons to Ask Your Dentist about Chicago Invisible Braces

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If you've looked at Hollywood celebrities perfectly straight teeth and felt jealous of their smile, we have a surprise for you. They weren't all born with perfect teeth. Many of them had to use dental intervention to achieve that wonderful look, and it's within your reach too with Chicago invisible braces right here at Big Smile Dental.

What You Might Already Know about Chicago Invisible Braces like Invisalign

  • Invisible braces are, well, invisible. Granted, they aren't literally invisible, more like virtually invisible, but people need to be quite close up to your teeth to tell that you have invisible braces.
  • Invisible braces are customized to YOUR teeth, and your teeth only. They gradually persuade your teeth to move into alignment, instead of the brute force of metal braces.
  • Invisible braces provide a more predictable outcome. Sometimes we actually have more control over how the invisible braces reshape the alignment of your teeth, so you can see your results on the computer before even starting.

Things You May Not Have Considered With Chicago Invisible Braces from Big Smile Dental

  • Invisible braces are sometimes faster than traditional metal braces. Instead of waiting up to three long years to see your new smile, most people only need to wear invisible braces for six months.
  • Some patients say that Invisible braces cause less pain. Metal braces are can be painful and produce a lot of aches and pains, especially after an adjustment. This is a huge benefit.
  • As a bonus, invisible braces are easy to clean. Metal braces cannot be completely removed each night for thorough cleaning of your teeth, meaning you have brand new dental issues when the metal braces are removed.
  • Invisible braces will not alter your speech as much as metal braces can.
  • Invisible braces will better your gum health. Straight teeth are easier to clean, meaning that gums get cleaner in the process.
  • Having a healthy bite is more important than many people give credit for. It can prevent headaches and stop your teeth from wearing down more quickly than they should.

Last But Not Least: Price

At Big Smile Dental the cost of invisible braces is actually less then the cost of regular braces and  is certainly justified with all of the other reasons above. Let's also remember the value in having a smile you can be proud to show off!! At Big Smile Dental we offer painless payment plans and other financial options to make your Invisalign invisible braces experience affordable.

What are Invisalign Braces

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