Choosing braces in Chicago, IL: How does the Invisalign system work?

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 WomanOnce upon a time, a few very special individuals were born with straight teeth. (Okay, really, they were born toothless like the rest of us, but their teeth grew in nice and straight.) The rest of the population faced a difficult decision, with no easy answer. Behind door number one was a lifetime of crooked teeth, challenging oral hygiene, and embarrassment. Behind door number two was a couple of years of even greater embarrassment and more difficult hygiene, wearing metal braces. Behind door number three was... well, there wasn't another viable option until Invisalign came along.

This revolutionary system took the world of orthodontics by storm when it was introduced a little over a decade ago. Since that time, millions of teeth have been straightened without a single bracket or piece of wire. The process is easy, and the technology is amazingly complex.

Designing your smile
Wearing Invisalign is the simple part. However, there is nothing simple about the technology involved. It begins with taking impressions, x-rays, and other records that your dentist will need. Once these records are shipped off to Invisalign, the process goes high-tech. Your smile's virtual alter ego is created. This three-dimensional, digital image is detail accurate, including gaps, crowding, and crooked teeth.

ClinCheck software is used to straighten your virtual smile, step-by-step, on screen. You and your dentist can see the position and alignment of every tooth, at every stage of the plan. Most importantly, the result can be displayed before you even commit to Invisalign, for a no-surprises treatment. Once you decide that Invisalign is clearly right for you, the aligners are fabricated with the precision accuracy that can only come from a digitally controlled manufacturing system.

Real results in the real world
How does a nice, straight virtual smile translate into something you can show the world? BPA free transparent plastic aligners are designed to fit over your teeth. The first one in the series is almost a perfect fit – it is just a tiny bit closer to “straight” than your teeth. That subtle difference causes gentle, constant pressure on your teeth. Within a couple of weeks, your teeth will move to fit the aligner.

Once the first aligner has done its job, you can simply throw it away, and start wearing the next one in the numbered series. It is designed just a little closer to straight than the first aligner is, and in a couple of weeks, your teeth shift to accommodate. The process is repeated over and over until your smile is beautifully straight.

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