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Wouldn't it be great if you could smile and laugh to your heart's content without having to worry about your crooked teeth? Surely everyone wants to have a beautiful smile - after all, a smile contributes immensely to looking good. However, if your teeth are crooked or zigzagged, smiling confidently can be a bit of a problem. With some cutting-edge advancement in the arena of orthodontic treatment, you can now correct all your teeth-related problems. With Invisalign, a stunning smile is just an invisible brace away!

Woman with smileInvisalign works through the usage of a clear braces system. Many cosmetic dentists are now advising patients to straighten out their teeth with the help of these clear plastic molds. These invisible braces can get rid of the metallic smile and bring you the smile you want with these custom-molded braces. The braces help reposition your teeth into a more attractive and straighter smile without having to worry about the irritation or embarrassment associated with metal wires and bands. In fact people won't even notice or know that you are wearing braces!

Invisalign treatment is quite straightforward as once the dentist has advised that it is the best option for you, he will use computer imaging to design invisible braces for you. After taking some bite impressions, the dentist will use the Invisalign computer system to create a range of clear retainers. The very first one will fit your current teeth and the ones to follow will gently pressurize your teeth and make them move to their target positions.

The number of retainers that you need might be anywhere between 8 to 80, but this really depends on how crooked your teeth are! You simply have to wear the retainers for two weeks continuously but you do have the luxury of removing them when you are eating or when you are brushing; no need to worry about bad mouth odor or even bits and pieces of food getting stuck.

The great thing about smile correction with Invisalign is that you do not have to wear silver, painful braces for two or more years at a stretch. After all you can brush and floss normally and so your teeth are less prone to dental staining or decay as would be the case with metal braces.

Although the cost of Invisalign might be a tad bit higher, your dental insurance might help cover the treatment. Check with your insurance company before you actually commit - just as a precaution. Your dentist might also be able to help you design a payment plan which is convenient for you.

On the whole, Invisalign has a host of benefits to offer to brace wearers. Surely any brace wearer will fall in love with Invisalign - smile correction through invisibility!

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