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Ten things you should know about Invisalign braces in Chicago, IL

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Woman with Stunning SmileAre you thinking about Invisalign braces? The informed patient is the satisfied patient, so experts recommend doing your homework. Wait – homework and braces? Is this Junior High: Part 2? Don't worry, braces have grown up a lot, and we've made information gathering easy. Here are some fast facts about invisible orthodontics.

Invisalign braces:
  1. Are invisible – Aligners are made of ultra-thin, ultra-transparent plastic. Bye-Bye train track smile!
  2. Are removable – Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign aligners are not bonded to your teeth. They can be removed when necessary, though should be worn at least 22 or 23 hours every day.
  3. Are metal free and BPA free – Invisalign is a beautiful healthy way to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.
  4. Can correct crooked teeth – It is a great option for patients who want to straighten visibly crooked teeth for cosmetic improvement.
  5. Can correct bite alignment – Thanks to advanced technology, Invisalign is not limited to cosmetic improvement. It can also correct underbite, overbite, crossbite, and other problems that traditionally required metal braces.
  6. Are predictable – We can tell you how great your smile will look after Invisalign, but you don't have to take our word for it. With the exclusive ClinCheck system, we can show you a preview of how your treatment will progress, and how your teeth are expected to look when it is complete.
  7. Are convenient – You can take your aligners off during meals, so you can eat whatever you want. There is nothing in your way of brushing and flossing, making it easy to keep your smile sparkling.
  8. Are FDA cleared – In 1998, Invisalign was awarded the status of "FDA cleared," but only for specific orthodontic conditions. Over the next decade, the technology was refined and improved, making Invisalign effective for a much wider variety of orthodontic concerns. In 2009, the labeling was cleared by the FDA, with expanded indications.
  9. Take about the same length of time as traditional braces – You might expect this gentle technique to be slower than metal braces, but the timeframes are very similar.
  10. Are available at Big Smile Dental – You don't have to go very far to enjoy the benefits of Invisalign. Just come see your favorite team of fun loving, amazingly talented Chicago dentists.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, or you are ready to schedule a consultation, call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400.

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What are Invisalign Braces

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