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Why Invisalign Clear Braces In Chicago Are An Effective Straightening Treatment

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Invisalign Before Invisalign AfterAre you embarrassed of your teeth and because of them, don't smile? Are your teeth crooked, overcrowded, or do they have gaps between them? Have you thought about getting braces, but don't want to deal with the pain and long term hassle of metal braces? If yes, there's a solution for you: Invisalign clear braces.

Do Invisalign Clear Braces Cost More Than Traditional Metal Braces?

The short answer is sometimes, but not at Big Smile Dental. Because we are a preferred provider of Invisalign Clear Braces we receive a reduced price and we pass the savings on to you. However, we'll tell you about all of the benefits over traditional metal braces that you'll experience with Invisalign clear braces, and your choice will be clear. (Get it clear, like the braces)!

  • More Predictable Results - Because we use 3D imaging of your mouth and teeth, we can show you exactly how your teeth will move into perfect alignment with Invisalign clear braces. Metal braces cannot produce such precise, controllable results!
  • Shorter Time - Metal braces sometimes take years to do a full alignment of your teeth. Invisalign clear braces take anywhere from six months to a year, depending on how severe the misalignment is.
  • Less Pain - Metal braces don't mold to the surface of your teeth like Invisalign clear braces. They are sharp, hard, and cut into the soft tissues of your tongue and gums. Plus, each tightening causes days of pain as you adapt to the new adjustments.
  • No Food Or Activity Restrictions - Because you take Invisalign clear braces out while eating, you can enjoy foods that aren't allowed when wearing metal braces, such as popcorn. You can play sports without worrying about tearing the inside of your mouth, too.
  • They're Nearly Invisible! - The most obvious benefit of Invisalign clear braces is that they are virtually invisible. They don't impede your speech, they don't hurt much, and best of all, no one needs to know that you're working on correcting your smile.

What Do I Do Next To Get Invisalign Clear Braces In Chicago?

The first step is to call us. Not all dentists can perform the Invisalign clear braces treatment. Dr. Theodore Siegel is a certified Invisalign provider and member of the prestigious Academy of Gp Orthodontics. Dr. Siegel will then evaluate your teeth and dental health to ensure that you're a candidate (many people are!). He will discuss the entire process, cost, and expected results with you, after which you make your decision about how and when you would like to proceed.

For More Information

For more information about Invisalign clear braces call us at 773-772-8400 or e-mail at info@BigsmileDental.com.

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