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With the arrival of Invisalign on the dental scene, no longer do despairing brace-users have to dread the ugly wire contraptions they have been compelled to use in past years. The amazingly easy to use, clear and convenient transparent bracing system is now the most attractive proposition for individuals who badly need teeth rectification, but have resisted for years.

The Invisalign system creates an attractive colorless and transparent appliance in the shape of your teeth, made from the 3-dimensional computer graphics of your teeth. These appliances are tailor-made to fit you perfectly. If you have moderate problems with badly aligned teeth crowded into your mouth unevenly, or moderately over-spaced, the Invisalign is the best solution for your predicament.

Consider the difference of putting wire twists around your teeth, which are uncomfortable, unsightly and inconvenient in comparison to light, easy-to-wear and instantly removable Invisalign.

With your wire braces, for a start, you have to spend weeks getting adjusted to having them in your mouth. Then you have to watch everything you eat and drink, how you eat with them and drink with them, and how you clean your mouth.

With Invisalign, since your appliances are made-to-fit based on computer images – they cause minimal discomfort. When you need to eat or drink items forbidden for brace-wearers, you can simply slip them off and enjoy yourself – putting them back on after you have cleaned your mouth is so easy.

These Invisalign appliances work to shift your teeth from their original misaligned position gradually and in stages to a fresh positioning which will enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile, as well as help improve the wellness and health of your mouth.

A series of Invisalign appliances will systematically push your teeth in the direction they should move. Any numbers of aligners usually between ten and twenty five Invisalign appliances are used to achieve the final results. Usually they are changed every fourteen days to a new aligner which sequentially pushes the teeth more and more into correct position.

Invisalign is by far one of the most convenient methods of straightening out your teeth. Easy to put on and take off, easy and cheap to replace if misplaced, and most importantly so very easy on the mouth – there is no comparison to Invisalign as a perfect choice to put your teeth in order.

What are Invisalign Braces

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