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Traditional braces are made with metal which make them very conspicuous. Young children who wear these braces to school usually feel conscious of the fact that they appear different from the rest of their peers. Kids who are in their late teens as well as adults are largely reluctant to wear metal braces to correct the position of their teeth.

Traditional metal braces have to be worn permanently for a period of about two to three years, depending on the patient’s condition of teeth.

But nobody wants to appear awkward or suffer the gaze of others for all the wrong reasons, for such a long duration of treatment. This is why traditional metal braces continue to remain unpopular among grown-ups, regardless of their obvious benefits in teeth alignment.

However, with the introduction of Invisalign aligners, the whole perception about braces treatment is changing dramatically. Invisalign is a revolutionary technology that has eliminated the key disadvantage of traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are made of clear, transparent material that makes them practically invisible. Therefore, the patient can wear them without any compromise on the facial aesthetics.

Invisalign aligners perform their job quietly and discreetly. These aligners are also removable, which means the patient can remove them while eating or cleaning their teeth. That keeps them very hygienic and removes any chances of complications such as tooth decay.

Invisalign aligners have received widespread acceptance among adults. In the “pre-Invisalign era” many adults believed that teeth alignment can be corrected only among children. An adult wearing braces has always been an uncommon sight. But Invisalign is literally re-writing the rules of adult orthodontics.

Teens and adults can achieve better teeth alignment with Invisalign and enjoy their improved facial appearance for the rest of their lives. So what was unthinkable earlier is now becoming a reality. People can wear the aligners to work and continue with their normal routine without any fuss. The aligners continue to work silently inside the mouth, and improve the position of the teeth gradually.

Finally, when the treatment period is over, the friends, relatives and colleagues of the Invisalign user will be in for a big surprise. They will suddenly notice a marked improvement in appearance, but may not be able to pin-point exactly what caused the improvement. That is the Invisalign magic that can transform the looks of a person very discreetly.

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