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Sometimes, there is no easy way out. In the not too distant past, this was the case with crooked teeth. They look bad. They are embarrassing. Yet metal braces look bad, and they are embarrassing. It was a no win situation. When Invisalign came on the market, it forever changed the world or orthodontics – and for the better. It’s a healthful and effective solution, and it’s nearly invisible. Now that’s a win-win situation!

How can you get your no-hassle, no-embarrassment Invisalign smile? Come see us, of course. Invisalign is different from the very beginning. We start with an examination, so we can see if you are a good candidate. We will explain what Invisalign can and can’t accomplish, tell you about viable alternatives, and show you “before and after” photos of actual Invisalign patients. These steps are similar for any dental consultation, but Invisalign’s advanced technology takes it a step farther. No need to imagine what your new smile will look like; you can see for yourself – before treatment ever begins.

Invisalign take the guesswork out of choosing an orthodontic treatment

Exclusive ClinCheck technology, from Invisalign, actually plots the entire treatment plan, step-by-step. A video is created, which shows a three-dimensional model of your changing smile. You and your dentist can see the expected result of aligner in the series, and most importantly, the overall outcome of treatment. Once you see exactly what Invisalign can do, you can proceed with treatment – or seek alternatives – with confidence.

What to expect during treatment

Once your plan is confirmed, a series of clear aligners will be custom-made at the Align Tech facility. We will provide you with your first set, and instruct you to wear each one for two weeks. When it expires, simply toss it in the trash and begin wearing the next one. The aligners are numbered, so it’s easy to know which one is next.

Even though the aligners are removable, you need to wear them as much as possible (at least 22-24 hours per day). Generally, the only times they should be removed are during meals and oral hygiene. You can occasionally pop them out long enough to snap a quick photo or give a speech. However, we do not recommend removing your aligner unless it’s truly necessary, and it should always be replaced as quickly as possible.

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