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Which is better – Invisalign or braces?

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Man with a Smile You're tired of crooked teeth, and you're tired of the crooked looks you get when you smile. We understand, and as always, we are here to help! You can get the best Invisalign or braces Chicago has to offer right here at Big Smile Dental. A lot of people ask us which one is best. The simple truth is, both are "best," for the right person. You didn't think we would offer anything less, did you?

Metal mouth

Many people have a strong aversion to traditional orthodontics. You've heard it all – metal mouth, tin grin, train tracks… Luckily, times are changing. Science is discovering how important oral health is to your entire body. Society is gaining an increased appreciation for the beauty of a flawless smile. All of this means that more people are straightening their teeth. Old-fashioned metal braces are becoming more popular with teen and –yes, even adults!

Old-fashioned might not be the right term. Those braces were heavy and bulky. The wires broke easily. They were uncomfortable. Now we have better materials and better methods resulting in a better brace. They are lighter, thinner, and more comfortable than their orthodontic ancestors were.

One thing hasn't changed – metal braces are the fastest or most effective option for some patients. Sometimes severe or complex alignment problems are beyond the scope of Invisalign, at least for full correction. Sometimes metal braces can move teeth much faster than aligners can. When you come in for a consultation, your dentist can tell you if you would benefit from metal braces.

The clear choice

For some people there is no question. Patients who are going to be making television appearances, have an important event coming up, or just really hate the look of metal ask for Invisalign. Transparent aligners are discreet, letting you show off your pearly whites while they are being straightened.

Invisalign is a great option for most patients. The technology behind it is amazing, and it's always improving. Originally, it was just for cosmetic straightening, but Invisalign has grown up! Today this system can correct many cases of misalignment and severe malocclusion. Tomorrow, it will be able to do even more! If you're interested in Invisalign, ask your dentist about it. We can show you, on screen in 3D, what Invisalign can do for your smile – no surprises, no metal.

If you're ready to straighten your smile, we can help you choose the best option for you. At Big Smile Dental, we have a team of skilled professionals, and a variety of options. The only question is what are you waiting for? Call us today at 773-772-8400.

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