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Why straighten up?

Straight teeth look better that crooked ones; that much is obvious. Cosmetic smile enhancement is beneficial socially, professionally, and personally. However, the benefits of straightening your teeth extend beyond improving your appearance. Crooks have never been known for good manners, and teeth are no exception. When teeth are crooked, they lean on each other, crowd together, or leave wide gaps.

Extra space gives food debris and plaque a place to accumulate in large volume. On the other hand, bacteria can fit in even the tiniest space – but that isn’t true of a toothbrush or floss. Neither situation is good, especially coupled with the fact that teeth pull away from the gums as they lean. In short, crooked teeth are an invitation for cavities and gum disease.

What Invisalign can do

When Invisalign was introduced over a decade ago, it was designed for cosmetic tooth straightening; it could make crooked teeth pretty, but it couldn’t fix serious jaw misalignment. Invisalign has grown up. Today, it can accomplish virtually anything that traditional orthodontics can, without the metal. However, there are situations where traditional orthodontics is faster, and in select cases, they may be more effective for correcting complex problems.

Who Invisalign can help

Most teens and adults with orthodontic issues are great candidates for Invisalign treatment. It is a great option for any patient who is concerned about the appearance or inconvenience of braces. In addition to being transparent, the aligners are removable. That means no food restrictions, no digging food out from behind wires, and no surprise cavities when your braces come off.


Invisalign is wildly popular with everyone from trendy teens to grandparents who never thought they would wear braces. However, it’s not the only option. We understand that you are different, unlike anyone else. (No, we haven’t seen your internet browsing history, but we realize that every human being is unique.) Therefore, we offer plenty of options. There are metal braces, ceramic braces, and even lingual braces that hide behind your teeth. Your dentist at Big Smile Dental will begin with a comprehensive evaluation, and then explain the various treatments available, so you can make an informed decision.

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What are Invisalign Braces

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