Invisible, comfortable, and convenient: Braces in Chicago aren't what they used to be

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Woman with a Smile Do you remember the old days, when letters were written on paper, and you had to get out of bed before you could go shopping? It wasn't as long ago as it seems. Just 15 years ago, many people had never heard of text messaging or ecommerce, and no one imagined they would become a part of daily life so quickly. Back then, braces were made of metal, and looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

How Invisalign changed the world

Although many adults have crooked teeth, few are willing to wear traditional orthodontics. If you grew up seeing metal braces, you might have vowed to keep your crooked teeth for life. Or maybe you wore those metal braces as a kid – and then didn't wear your aligner. You probably don't want to star in Metal Mouth: The Sequel. Fortunately, times have changed. Letters no longer need envelopes, stores no longer need cash registers, and orthodontics no longer needs metal.

Okay, so Invisalign can't take credit for all of the improvements in modern life, but it can certainly take credit for millions of beautifully straight smiles. The revolutionary system, born of technology and innovation, replaces the old familiar train tracks with a thin, comfortable, invisible aligner tray.

How Invisalign can change your world

Imagine smiling, laughing, and living your life free of embarrassment, while straightening your teeth. Invisalign aligners are virtually undetectable, so they won't ruin your professional appearance, or your social life. They are removable, so oral hygiene is a snap – and you can eat anything you want. In reality, Invisalign will have very little impact on your daily life, except for the fact that those pearly whites shining through your aligners will get straighter every day.

Invisalign is a versatile treatment, it can accomplish just about anything that metal braces can. Crooked teeth, overbite, under bite, and more can be corrected, in about the same length of time as traditional orthodontics. By the time you finish treatment, you might find that your appearance, confidence, image, and social life have changed a great deal – for the better.

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What are Invisalign Braces

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