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Did you ever wonder why a crook’s teeth are always crooked, which has even led to the phrase “a crooked smile?” Well, living with crooked teeth is seriously no joke. Ask those who hide their smiles or wear unsightly metal braces for years to get rid of their problem of uneven or misaligned teeth. However, cosmetic dentistry has introduced trail blazing solutions to straighten your teeth without braces. Wearing aesthetically unpleasant metal braces is now in fact a thing of the past, even though many patients and dentists still continue to opt for the traditional methods.

The Invisalign® system, which uses a series of clear retainers that are invisible from outside, is quickly outdating the earlier technologies. Invisalign® uses patented technology to create customized aligners made of clear plastic material that does not compromise the patient’s oral aesthetics. These aligners are also removable by design. It means you can eat and drink freely, and clean your teeth and gums thoroughly every morning and night after removing the aligners. For minor imperfections of uneven teeth, chipped teeth, or teeth with unsightly gaps, even porcelain veneers are an effective solution that avoids the need for braces. There are a number of advanced qualities of porcelain veneers available with leading cosmetic dentists. These veneers provide long lasting value and stay in their place perfectly. It is a convenient, non-surgical solution for your teeth. It is important to choose your dentist carefully for the fabrication and application of the veneers in order to achieve the best results.

Cosmetic dental contouring is another non-braces alternative that can be used to correct the condition of overcrowded teeth. A skilled cosmetic dentist will be able to perform this process in a painless way with a series of procedures to enhance the patient’s smile without the need for braces. So go ahead and discuss your options with a recognized cosmetic dentist who will use the latest non-braces solutions to give you a great smile.

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