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What are the results of baby bottle tooth decay?

Smiling Little girl Baby bottle tooth decay can seriously damage the teeth of a baby or a young child. When a baby's teeth begin to grow, they are at risk for decay. Tooth decay is always a painful process for both adults and children. So imagine a baby suffering from tooth decay. As parents we must take the utmost care to avoid this condition in babies. Tooth decay softens the enamel of the tooth causing decay and later leading to infection. Left untreated, the decay can move into the bone structure beneath the tooth and slow down the growth of permanent teeth.

Early stages of tooth decay are visible in the baby’s four front teeth and moves back to the molars. The teeth most likely to be damaged are the upper front teeth. These are the most important teeth that affect your child's overall health and speech, as well as the smile.

The first noticeable signs of tooth damage appear as chalky white spots or lines across the teeth. Then after some time, the teeth become weak and the enamel breaks. This is most common when the toddler is between 12 and 18 months old. Children who suffer from baby bottle tooth decay are likely to have more dental problems in the future.

Once these thin, white strips appear on the teeth, the process of decay begins. Although decay will result in teeth that will eventually fall, the adult teeth replacing them will have no space to grow. The roots of the teeth become severally damaged. It can lead to abscess, which is an infection and swelling of the tooth and gum.

In difficult cases, the crowns of the four upper incisors will get completely damaged. Only brownish-black color decayed teeth remain. This will alter the spacing and position of the permanent teeth.

Poor eating habits, speech difficulty, ear infections, crooked teeth, damaged and yellow or brown permanent teeth, and nutritional problems are also caused by teeth infection and early tooth loss due to baby bottle tooth decay.

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